Whether you are looking to buy/sell a home or opt for a home insurance policy in Polk County, you need a home inspection. 

Looking at a house from the outside, you may think that it’s in top shape and doesn’t need any repairs. But, as the saying goes, “Never judge a book by its cover!” and this holds true for houses as well. Our certified home inspectors have the necessary qualifications and expertise to inspect a house from top to bottom to understand the defects (minor or major) that need to be fixed.  

Before you sell a house that you own, it is important for you to get a home inspection (a pre-listing inspection) that will allow you to make any repairs or modifications before you start the selling process. This is a good idea as it will make the house fit for sale, enhancing the trust of the buyers.

Similarly, if you are planning to buy a house and are ready to strike a deal with the seller, be sure to include home inspection clauses in the contract. You will have to get a complete home inspection done as a precautionary step to avoid problems in the future. 

The same holds if the house you are buying/selling is a mobile home. 

Inspections, however, will be different for on-site homes and mobile homes as the systems of the home also differ. Nevertheless, we carry out thorough inspections, whether the house is on-site or mobile. We also provide easy-to-read reports and be by your side to explain anything you do not understand. 

There is another inspection that we do when you are applying for a homeowner’s insurance. The insurance company usually requires this to ensure that the home is in a good condition and that there are no considerable risks involved. It is the home insurance inspection and covers the following aspects – 

Roof Inspection

Imagine if the roof of your house suddenly collapsed on you one day! You wouldn’t want that happening, right? 

Periodic roof inspections should be performed to confirm the integrity of your home’s roof. It’ll help you assess whether your roof needs any repairs, and if not, you can rest easy.

4 Point Inspection

As named, it covers the 4 most important points of a home – 

The electrical systems 

The plumbing systems 

The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning)
& Roofing

Wind Mitigation

An essential inspection for homeowners living in storm and hurricane prone areas; it is also called a windstorm inspection. This inspection is done to assess the durability of your house  and whether it can withstand storms. It helps you prepare your house and limit storm damage. A wind mitigation inspection done by professionals may enable you to get a discount or extra credits for your home insurance policy.


Finding home inspection companies that you can trust is the most important. Major decisions on selling/buying a home rests on the results of the home inspection. Apart from having certifications and experience, your home inspector should be trustworthy and communicative. Local Home Inspections is the choice to make; call us and get a quote today!