A large part of your decision-making when buying a new home in Polk County rests on the home inspection process. The home inspector performs a detailed check of the house and then prepares a report based on his/her findings. This report provides a lot of information about the condition of the house and its systems. 

It is crucial, then, that you are able to trust the findings of the inspector and proceed further based on their recommendations. 

Let’s look at some factors that will help you make a better decision when hiring an inspector.

  1. Look for certifications and licenses

Most states have home inspection certifications/licenses that tell you whether a home inspector has enough knowledge about the inspection process. If they are registered with a home inspection association, it is likely that they are trusted and professional. Although simply having a certification does not determine expertise, if they do not have any certifications at all, it is better to move on to another inspector.

  1. Look for customer reviews and testimonials 

Happy customers in the past mean that the home inspection company does the job well. You need to avoid ambiguity and be sure of what you are getting into. Reviews and testimonials help you understand previous buyers’ (or sellers’) experience with the company/inspector.

  1. Speak to the home inspector/home inspection company

Before you schedule the home inspection, speak to several inspection companies, and understand their process. Find out how detailed the inspection will be, what elements of the house they will cover, the report, the prices, etc. 

Companies have their own way of doing things, which may differ from inspector to inspector. This does not mean that one inspector is right and the other is wrong. No matter what the process, it is the end result that matters. 

  1. Ask questions before you confirm the house inspector (and even during the inspection)

You have every right to ask questions to the inspector regarding every aspect of the inspection. It is imperative that you understand the entire process and the next steps before you dive into the inspection. Even during the inspection, attend it if you can, and ask questions about the house. Inspectors are not experts of every system of the house and they carry out only a visual inspection. Find out if you need to bring in experts for any evident problems.

  1. Know that home inspectors are human, too

Even with all the required certifications, home inspectors are liable to human error, too. Do not expect them to do a perfect job; in most cases, though, inspectors with experience do cover all the important systems of the house.

Houses are subject to the environment, wear & tear, and some insignificant problems may arise after you move in; even if the home inspection report was exhaustive and covered everything that needed to be.


At Local Home Inspection, we have your best interests at heart. We ensure that the house is inspected thoroughly and that we do our duty right. Equipped with experience and the right tools, we will make sure that you get your money’s worth with our inspections.